Southwestern Area Rugs Are An Easy Way To Add Southwest Style To Your Home

Southwestern Area Rugs Are Our Latest Obsession

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Southwestern home decor is improving in popularity recently. One of the easiest ways to get into southwestern decor is to try adding a few area rugs to your home.

I’ve never thought of myself as an innovative person when it comes to Décor. Even as a child, I have memories small competitions with my cousin on who could create the “coolest” room for their Barbie. It never failed that my cousin’s room was the better decorated one. It seemed liked she had made all the best choices when we were taking turns picking furniture pieces, she used the space in ways I hadn’t thought of and her room always seemed to scream out how cool and outgoing she was and how “plain” I was.

This might seem like a lot of insight to get from such a petty competition, but it’s this memory that I held on to that allowed to me think I lacked creativity. After all, I knew it wasn’t f lack of effort, it was everything to me to win best room, at least once! For years I allowed those memories to re-surface and dominate instead of embracing my own personal style and allowing my décor to really speak about who I am. I now realize décor has a deeper meaning than simply having a room others’ see as “cool”. It’s a way of organizing, that allows me to express and sometimes show-off my own values in a creative way. One of the easiest ways to add style to your home is to add southwestern area rugs from Southwestern Rugs Depot to your home.

It’s all about creating YOUR own space! A place makes you feel good, helps you stay focused on what’s important in your own life and makes visible, to yourself or others, who/what you love the most. We may always be judged on what we wear, how we speak or our beliefs but it’s important to stay true to who you are. I now take the same approach with décor, whether I use the color of the room to create a feeling of warmth, motivational posters to help encourage me to keeping going, add my favorite piece of furniture to make me feel comfortable or surround myself with pictures of favorite people and memories, it’s all a choice I make to express who I am and where I am going.

Decorating Starts With A Dreams, Ends With Buying The Furniture

Decor is traditionally defined as “the furnishing and decoration of a room”. But decor is more than what transforms a room from normal to unique, decor defines those who inhabit the space itself, who they are as a people, their beliefs, culture, and past. Decor tells a story without a need for words, a history conveyed through fabrics, colors, and patterns that are a language all their own.

Area Rugs Are An Easy Win

You could say that decor runs in my family – my father is a set designer, decorator, and prop maker in our hometown theatre community, and my grandmother before him loved to constantly redesign her household to fit her mercurial tastes, so in a sense, decor and decorating has always been a part of my life. I’ve grown up constantly eying aesthetics of wherever we go, noting what does and doesn’t work, and how I can merge such vastly different designs in my own world when I’m on the hunt for area rugs.

As a future member of the film and television world, decor is just as equally important as spoken dialogue, actors, and camera angles; set tells even more of a story than the characters themselves do. It gives context for the world these characters inhabit, their individual quirks, habits, hobbies, even future plot points crucial to the overall story. In essence, set decor is what transports audiences to the world of the characters they’re watching on screen – without such attention to detail, storytelling would not be not nearly as riveting. For example, one of the more recent movies I saw was “Thor: Ragnarok” and the coloring and decor of each scene is heavily reminiscent of the 1980s, and yet the designers were able to take such colors and patterns and mold them into a futuristic, alien decor, taking an aged concept and making it their own.

Decor has always been a big part of my life and that will not change going forward; if anything I hope to merge it even further and make a career out of decorating, telling stories in a non-traditional manner.

When done tastefully, it is something which is easy to take for granted. When tacky or nonexistent however, it takes on an unmistakable, nagging presence. It looms large over the room, the house, the coffee shop you mindlessly kill time in. I write, of course, about decor. During my undergrad, I lived with near countless other poor young adults as astronomical housing costs made it to where living with 6 other people was most certainly more preferable than never having free time due to having to work all of the waking hours of the day but having my own dingy little apartment to sleep in.

Sharing a living space with multiple other people is oftentimes a surefire way for decor which is at best eclectic but most likely nonsensical and all over the place. Conjure in your mind all of the most random posters, advertisements, sports memorabilia, art, pictures of all the various loved ones for each individual in order for each person to feel like they had an equal say in the living space, and you can see where it would be hard to present something coherent decor wise in that living situation. Now as an adult in a loving cohabitating relationship with that partner as my only roommate, it is easier to arrive at something aesthetically pleasing for our living space. Arranging the space in which you spend most of your downtime in a way that is visually appealing does wonders for feeling generally optimistic on one’s lot in life. Having just moved across the country to a barren apartment, decorating was a task which was daunting, yet exciting.

Being restrained by the reality of our finances, which are fairly bleak as grad school is expensive, made it to where no stone was left unturned when looking for killer deals. Sure we splurged a little, but come on, who doesn’t deserve to feel good about the place they spend a majority of their downtime in. Still, we had to look all over the internet, all over the stores in our area, scoured for free things left unwanted in our neighborhood. But in the end, our apartment is a place where we feel good about and that is nearly priceless.

Why I Love Southwestern Style Home Decor

The type of decorations used in a space ultimately shapes the activities and attitudes that occur within it. For example, the walls of books, desks, and Southwestern floor lamps within a library prompt visitors to be quiet and thoughtful as they study or read. In contrast, this space would not be conducive to house a basketball game with screaming fans and basketball hoops. While this is an extreme instance, it illustrates the effect a building’s design has on its purpose and audience.  The same understanding can be applied to writing spaces as well. Writing centers are an important part of these writing spaces. Directors need to investigate which decor encourages best tutoring pedagogies and how variations of it can alter tutorial sessions. Writing centers must satisfy diverse populations with a variety of needs, be accessible to all, have a comfortable and/or friendly environment, and be aesthetically conscious.

Most practitioners believe that a comfortable environment leads to a productive one because students are encouraged to discuss their papers more openly in a safe space. Such security reinforces the concept of student ownership in their work as they are more willing to be active agents in the revision process. This can be achieved by forming an environment that is different from usual institutional buildings in terms of the decorations used in the center.

Southwestern Homes Begin With Lamps, Rugs, And Cow Head Skulls

The pleasant atmosphere can be achieved through kinds of decor. For example, universities supply art, plants, coffee machines, and noise reducing panels in order to put students at ease. A desk style where consultants and clients can sit next to each other also reduces stress by decreasing the power dynamic. Finally, having access to materials other than paper to organize one’s thoughts helps provide comfort to students. These can include items like whiteboards, sticky notes, projectors, and smart technologies.

While directors believe a certain aesthetic can be achieved using the same method, not all centers want to create the same atmosphere. Thus, their end results are different. Universally, centers use paint color to indicate the type of environment they want to have. A space painted a mixture of warm colors marks it as other from an academic building and makes the center feel more relaxed. In contrast, others rely mostly on plain colored walls so that their scheme is consistent with that of the university’s. This creates a center with a more professional tone, so as to add to the ethos of the organization. Neither decision is better than the other, yet it is a prime example of how design can directly affect the goals of a writing center.


Southwestern Home Decor Info

Decor has mattered in my life since I was a little girl. I grew up in a historic building in the country that had been passed down through my family, and my mom decorated in a way that made me feel like I was in the countryside in Europe. We didn’t have a ton of money to spend lavishly, but everything we did have was done with thought and good taste, slowly and intentionally. Being raised in that environment taught me to appreciate the beauty and the importance of home.

About 2 weeks ago, I purchased my first home with my fiance. It’s truly a dream come true! Now that I am the one responsible to build a beautiful home, the importance of decor has re-entered my life in full force. I’ve spent hours brainstorming, bouncing ideas off my partner, looking up options online, finding vendors whose products I believe in, and of course, falling into the rabbit hole known as Pinterest. I’ve carefully curated a board for each room of the home, from the entryway (first impressions are so important!) to how I want to strand our (energy efficient LED) white lights in the back porch to create an inviting ambiance.

I start to think a few years ahead for when the home will be filled with kids of my own and I feel honored to pass on the importance of decor to them like my mother did for me. The thought of them dragging crayons down my perfectly-picked-out white kitchen cabinets does honestly make me cringe a bit, but then I laugh and remember that it’s going to take lots of patience and many years to teach them the importance of home and good taste. It truly does make a difference in a person’s character and I know that aesthetics will never be a lost art.

Home Decor Accessories

I just recently moved to Irvine, California from Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is famously known as a bustling hub of black Americans of many different origins (Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latino, African, etc.) I, myself, am an African American woman. However, where I am in Irvine black youth is essentially non-existent, and while I do appreciate the exposure to disparate ethnic groups and their varying lifestyles and cultures, living so isolated from my own group has been a challenge and made it nearly impossible to genuinely feel at home.

How does this relate to the importance of decor? I said these circumstances made it nearly impossible to feel at home. Nevertheless, through embellishment of my room, I have been able to channel home through decor. My walls are covered in posters of my fandoms. In case you are unfamiliar a fandom is defined as the fans of a particular book, movie, tv show, or a celebrity regarded collectively as a community or subculture, such as Harry Potter, X-Men, The Walking Dead, or One Direction. I adorn my walls with these because they are something of a home away from home. They are a subculture that I can belong to thus they give the room a more domesticated aura.

Additionally, I have family pictures and photos with my friends everywhere. They are on my walls and in frames on my dresser. They all live on the East Coast, but having their faces in a place where I can easily access them makes it seem like they are not quite as far away. Also, the memories attached to them definitely help fill a void. See, I have yet to make friends in Irvine, I have yet to make new memories so sometimes life can start to feel empty. In times like this, I tend to live through memories I have already made, at least until I can create new ones.

There are multiple factors of decor that hold significance, really every detail matters. They all collectively give an accurate impression of a who a person really is. Are they girly? Simple? Disorganized? Loud? All of that can be told by how someone designs their room. Decoration is an art that seems to go unrecognized by the masses, and yet it is still a fundamental part of our lives.