I just recently moved to Irvine, California from Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is famously known as a bustling hub of black Americans of many different origins (Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latino, African, etc.) I, myself, am an African American woman. However, where I am in Irvine black youth is essentially non-existent, and while I do appreciate the exposure to disparate ethnic groups and their varying lifestyles and cultures, living so isolated from my own group has been a challenge and made it nearly impossible to genuinely feel at home.


How does this relate to the importance of decor? I said these circumstances made it nearly impossible to feel at home. Nevertheless, through embellishment of my room, I have been able to channel home through decor. My walls are covered in posters of my fandoms. In case you are unfamiliar a fandom is defined as the fans of a particular book, movie, tv show, or a celebrity regarded collectively as a community or subculture, such as Harry Potter, X-Men, The Walking Dead, or One Direction. I adorn my walls with these because they are something of a home away from home. They are a subculture that I can belong to thus they give the room a more domesticated aura.


Additionally, I have family pictures and photos with my friends everywhere. They are on my walls and in frames on my dresser. They all live on the East Coast, but having their faces in a place where I can easily access them makes it seem like they are not quite as far away. Also, the memories attached to them definitely help fill a void. See, I have yet to make friends in Irvine, I have yet to make new memories so sometimes life can start to feel empty. In times like this, I tend to live through memories I have already made, at least until I can create new ones.


There are multiple factors of decor that hold significance, really every detail matters. They all collectively give an accurate impression of a who a person really is. Are they girly? Simple? Disorganized? Loud? All of that can be told by how someone designs their room. Decoration is an art that seems to go unrecognized by the masses, and yet it is still a fundamental part of our lives.