Southwestern Style Decor

Do people normally think of southwestern decor occupying more space than just the exterior space in which we live in? Most often, I’m sure this is where the mind automatically takes everyone, although very generic. The thought is not that decor can directly relate to history, society, and life, but here I disagree and can see a direct correlation with the career I am pursuing – nursing.

I believe southwestern style decor can be expressed in nursing in many situations. How you accessorize and outwardly portray yourself is your decor to your body. I would be interacting with people on a daily and my decor is a direct reflection of me. Is it streamlined, tidy, and neat? Do is have some flare? Naturally, people, society, do make judgments with regards to your decor.

If you notice that I may be untidy, you may think that this will reflect in my care for you. Be it tattoos, hair or clothing. The last I would want is to be kept from helping someone because my reflection portrayed is sloppy, dirty or messy. When you are talking healthcare and a life that seems like something I would not want to be faulty on. The perception can be that I may not be on time to provide your medication, or change your bandages or assist you with your therapy. Although we would like to take the stance that we are beyond the predetermination of anyone or anything, there is still work to be done. The decor or style that you put together in all facets of life is a direct reflection of the core your style. But to think that it’s directly your own and that you have some entirely unique new look or idea is absurd. There were the people before us, the history, and their stories which we have adapted and made our own for today in the same way they did.